Make Your Best Photos Shine

We’ve recently launched an upgraded photo carousel experience that takes photo viewing to the next level on mobile devices. Now your visitors can swipe, zoom, and double-tap with ease and get the best look at those beautiful snaps!

Video Overview

Here’s a short video overview of using the photo carousel on a mobile device and the upgrades we’ve introduced:

What’s New

Smooth, Hands-on, High Resolution Photo Viewing

Full-width photos expand to the display of your deviceSwift, smooth pinch-to-zoom, and double-tap-to-zoom through your photosNew, higher resolution images that stay crisp and clear however far you zoomA simpler, faster tap-to-close button to move back into the thumbnail gallery viewFaster, Clearer Navigation Between Photos

Responsive, fast swiping between your photosClear photo numbering navigation to show where you are in your galleryWith 5 or less photos, a dot navigation system you can tap to jump to any photo in the sequenceEasy Access Metadata and Comments for Every Photo

One-tap metadata for every photoPer-photo comment notifications, with a single tap to view commentsGetting Started

If you’ve previously used our image carousel feature, your site has been upgraded automatically so your visitors will get the new experience starting right now.

If you haven’t added a carousel to your site so far, now’s a great time to give it a try. Simply insert a gallery block using our editor and your photos will show using the carousel whenever your visitors click or tap an image.
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